The Science of Writing


Copy editing & Proof reading

Our substantive medical editing service provides a comprehensive edit of your manuscript designed to improve readability and logical flow. We will also ensure that the most important and salient points of your manuscript are expressed in a clear and scientific manner.

Manuscript formatting

We will modify your page layout, text attributes, title page, captions, and image placement, in accordance with the guidelines issued by your target journal. We will also verify that your manuscript includes any required sections such as the use of human subjects and/or animals in research, a disclosure of conflicts of interest, and an ethics statement.

References & Supplemental Data

References will be formatted to ensure that they meet APA formatting and style guidelines or your target journal’s specifications. Duplicate, redundant, and/or missing references will be identified. Any supplemental material will also be edited in accordance with the guidelines issued by your target journal.



Journal Selection

1-3 days

Choosing the right journal for publishing your manuscript can save a lot of time and headaches.

Response to Reviewers

1-3 days

A response letter addressing all reviewer questions is an essential part of resubmitting a paper.

Manuscript Reformatting

1-3 days

We will undertake a complete reformatting of your paper to your chosen journal’s specifications.


1-3 days

We will screen your manuscript using advanced plagiarism detection software.