Response to Reviewers


1-3 days

A response letter addressing all reviewer questions is an essential part of resubmitting a paper. You may need to establish the significance of your research and illustrate your point of view while respectfully addressing issues raised by the reviewers. Composing formal and appropriate replies to editors and reviewers can be as much art as science. Satisfying responses to reviewer’s comments directly affect their decision-making and can be the difference between publication and rejection.

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Pricing Reports

Standard (6-9 Days), Expedited (3-5 Days), Rush (1-2 Days)

Manuscript Word Count

0-1500, 1501-2500, 2501-3500, 3500-6000, 6001-8000, 8001-10000, 10,00-12000, 12,001-16,000, 16,000+